Friday, October 10, 2008

Not my best

I have this ideal self who is constantly firing off resumes, talking on the phone to networking contacts, acting all self-assured and positive about finding a job.  Unfortunately, I rarely see this ideal self. Occasionally, I have days like yesterday where I find any kind of an excuse not to do the things I know I should be doing - the things the ideal self just cranks out.  There's a spot on the rug from last night that needs cleaning.  There's laundry to be done.  What a beautiful fall day - I'll have to knock off early to run some errands on the motorcycle.  Hey, I've been meaning to do that minor project in my shop.  I felt bad about my lack of effort so I finished off the day by eating and drinking more than I wanted to.

Today, I'm trying to make up for it by firing off some resumes and talking to various contacts However, I already know that I'll be knocking off early this afternoon for a trip to see relatives.  I guess I'd better hit the ground hard on Monday. At least that's what that other guy, Mr. Ideal Job Hunter would say.

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