Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chromed out

(Warning - non job search related content to follow)
I tried, I really did.  I thought that switching to Google's Chrome browser would help me complete moving my productivity tools to the "cloud".  When you leave the corporate tether, you fall back to whatever tools you have on your PC.  For a while now, I've been using Google's Gmail for the majority of my email needs.  I started up a Google Calendar for my (few) appointments.  I've begun putting documents out in Google Documents.  I stay in touch with people using Gtalk.  I had set up a home page using iGoogle. So when the Google browser came out (Chrome), I figured it would integrate well with all those other applications.  When yoiu put everything in the "cloud" it's accessible from anywhere - whether you're using your home computer or a computer at outplacement or one at a house you're visiting (or certainly if you have Internet on your phone).  But I got frustrated with Chrome.  Here's what I found out:
  1. bookmarks are a pain as the folders go back and forth across the screen instead of down in a hierarchical (and familiar) fashion
  2. there's really no menu bar
  3. nothing works better that I can see
  4. videos and/or flash wouldn't show
So when iGoogle turned it's tabs to the side instead of the top, it was the last straw.  Microsoft, I'm back.  I'll still use Gmail, some of Google Documents, the Google calendar and Gtalk.  But I"m done with Chrome and iGoogle.  At least for now.

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