Thursday, October 02, 2008

Days Flying By

Like the leaves falling from the trees, the pages of the calendar are also falling away.  Yesterday was the three week anniversary of my departure from my former employer.  With the economic events in the US, and the large outpouring of money from our personal coiffers (wedding, finishing construction on the house), I don't often feel good about my situation.  But every once and a while, there's a glimmer of hope like the two emails I got yesterday from the headhunter asking to clarify my experiences in a couple of areas for two firms in the area with whom he's working.  Not that I even have an interview, but to have someone show even the tiniest bit of interest is gratifying.

I also had lunch with a former coworker yesterday, as well as IM'ed with a few others (is it o.k. to use "IM" when it was really gtalk?).  This gives me a sense of connectedness to people I recently left behind.  It is kind of isolating to sit at home during the day without talking or IM'ing with others.  I guess I'm not a good telecommuting candidate, at least not full time.  

Today I've signed up for a couple of teleconference teaching sessions from the outplacement firm.  I HAVE MEETINGS ON MY CALENDAR - another gratifying feeling.  This search process really is a cycle of ups and downs.

Tomorrow I'm meeting former co-workers for our monthly breakfast.  After that, I'll be at outplacement again for most of the day.  Busy guy, it seems like.  

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