Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Thanks

Well, Friday's interview turned into a "no thanks".  As reported through the agency with whom I am working, the hiring manager related that he enjoyed our conversation but that I'm not the guy he's looking for.  Of course, he has yet to articulate who that person might be to the agency. Anyway, I'm a little disappointed but not crushed.  After all, it was only my first interview.  You do get somewhat invested in the idea of working for company X, what with the research you do, the emotions you feel before and after the interview and the thinking that goes on in your head as you sort out how you would do the job you just heard about.  But as with the job that you just finished, you learn to put that behind you and look forward.

In the last few days I've heard about openings at two companies I have been targeting for which I might be a fit.  I'll be calling some contacts at these companies today.  Looking forward.

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