Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From under rocks...or is it Monster?

One thing about posting your resume on Monster (or Hotjobs or Dice) is that it brings out the recruiters.  They seem to hit you fast, like you had just turned over a rock and all the bugs got out. Sometimes, it appears that they haven't even looked at your resume.  "Would you like a job programming Java in Arkansas?". Other times, they call or email with some intriguing leads.  I responded to, and talked with, a recruiter for a job in Woburn today.  I'm qualified, maybe over qualified.  It's a temp-to-perm, which means they get to try you for six months before they buy you.  I really don't object to that.  I'll be giving my next job everything that I can, and I don't expect that will end after six months, unless severe disillusionment sets in.  Then it's probably better for both of us that it's temp, because I'll probably be looking again.

I have been spending a bunch of time over the past day or two researching companies with which I have interviews.  I like to be prepared and not have to ask, "Now what exactly is it that you guys do here?".  This is where my business degrees kick in, as I begin to remember financial terms like EBIT and EPS.  Not necessarily the only gauges of your potential employers' success, but important ones.

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