Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Today's sky report

It never seems to fail. When I forget to cover the grill after barbecuing, it rains overnight. You don't want to put a cover on a wet grill because the resulting black vinyl hot-house is a perfect breeding ground for the rust ants. And then the next sunny morning, you say, "I will cover the grill when I get home. That will give it time to dry out from last night's rain. That will surely kill off any rust ants who have begun to nest in my grill." You become a liar when it rains on your way home. The grill sits through another rainy night, the rust ants cling to the grill and you worry about the cost of replacing the darn thing, even though you know it's good for several more years. It's sunny this morning with showers predicted for later in the day. The rust ants rejoice.

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