Friday, April 29, 2005

Today's sky report

I just feel like pointing out something I observed in the carpool this morning. At one point, driving south, there was a half-moon about twice the height of the trees on the horizon that was perfectly centered over the road. It was tipped upside down, like a crooked beret. Just sitting there. Framed by the trees on the side of the road. Just pointing it out.

And pointing things out, I can't believe a google of "carpoolguy" brings up a movie created by an "interactive, virtual entertainment studio" run by Corbin Bernsen and starring all soap opera actors. I mean, can't the guy stick to such dramatic hits as "Major League", "Major League II" and "Major League III - Back to the Minors"? Or "Gentle Ben 2 - Danger on the Mountain"? Why does he have to steal my handle?

Thanks to google and IMDB


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Kreblog said...

I just read the plot of the movie... hey, isn't that how our carpool came together?