Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Today's sky report

Smokin' hot outside today (80+ degrees), although due to overwhelming business commitments I was unable to experience it first hand. This morning was a nice ride in, carpoolless because I rode my bike. Bike to me does not mean two wheels with pedals and a chain. Bike to me means 1100 cc's of engine. It was reasonably warm (50ish) and very fast. I find that the bike makes a good traffic slice and dice machine which is part of the sport. It's gray out there now and rain showers may wash my bike and riding suit on the way home.

This is a relatively early day in the riding season for my first ride to work of the year. I have the 45/45 rule - it has to be at least 45 degrees for me to want to ride the 45 miles to work. I will ride at cooler temperatures, but not with the ambition of getting to work. I ride around the roads near my house in the cold weather, enjoying the open nature of the bike and dreaming of warmer days. I did manage to get at least one ride per month during the winter. January 1st was a beautiful 40 degree day.

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...and you didn't get stuck in mud.