Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Today's sky report

Last night, on my way to Blogstock 2005, I drove into the clouds. Heading east, the bank of fog rose ever higher until it completely subsumed my car. In a figurative sense, the evening brightened considerably as I met some other seacoast area bloggers. Loosely organized by Kreblog (, we had Seacoast Perspective ( for a short while, Granite Rants (and future blogger, Mrs. Granite Rants) ( and Contagious ( They are a fine group of entertaining bloggers who make for an even more entertaining evening when you meet them in person. Some thoughts/observations:

* The Black and Tans had it over the Fuggles until Mrs. Granite Rants switched sides.
* They each seem to know what they want their blogs to be, even to the point where they have someone for which they write. I have to give this some consideration.
* Here's my awards (you had to have been there to win):

- Best Writing: Contagious
- Best Use of Photography: Granite Rants
- Best Political Diatribe: Seacoast Perspective
- Most Observant: Kreblog
* Due to my advanced age, I missed a lot of the cultural icons of the 30-somethings that were there. Red Dawn party? Hmmm...I think I must have been raising kids and keeping the TV off in the 80's and 90's.
* Mrs. Granite Rants should definitely get her blog going, as should Mrs. Kreblog. More fun for everyone.

It was a great evening which I hope will be repeated.


Contagious said...

Also...You aren't THAT old ;)

Kreblog said...

Wolverines! Now you know what you have to rent this weekend.