Monday, May 16, 2005

Today's sky report

This one should probably be called yesterday's sky report. I was outside all day yesterday at an Experience Rider's Course put on by the State of NH DMV and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (I highly recommend this to all motorcyclists, by the way). When I left my house at 8 a.m., it was 52 degrees and cloudy. When I returned home at 6 p.m., it was 48 degrees and misty. In between, it was never sunny, but it did brighten once or twice, almost as if the day didn't want to be so bad. But throughout the day, the rain come in cycles - it would start with almost a mist, gather strength and turn into a hard rain, and then fade to a mist again. The cycle repeated maybe 3 times. Fortunately, the riding suit I wear makes the wet, gray day bearable - that, along with long underwear - IN MAY!

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