Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Today's sky report

Today's report is going to be a little retroactive. After one of the longest periods of time with cooler than normal temperatures and a total lack of sun that I can remember (it had to be 8 or 9 days), I walked off the plane in North Carolina last Friday to see sun and feel the warmth of an 85 degree day. It's amazing how your spirits can lift just by the color of the sky and the temperature. My business in NC had me picking up a motorcycle I had bought and riding it north. Never satisfied, I found that the riding weather on Friday was too warm and sunny; my protective riding gear is not suited for the heat. Eventually, clouds occluded the sun and the ride became more bearable. I passed through an area where the rain had just swept through and saw about 50% of a rainbow. Rainbow gawking and motorcycling in traffic do not make a good combinations, so I never found the other half. I made Fredericksburg, VA by dark and stayed there.

The next day, I was out by 7 a.m. and riding in the relative chill of the sunny morning air. The first part of the day was perfect for riding - temperatures in the upper sixties or low seventies. Winding across the Virginia countryside, I could do nothing but smile. The views were wonderful and even the interstates were spackled with colored flowers. A prolonged stop in PA that afternoon allowed a thunderhead to catch up with me. I though I could wait it out in a restaurant, but eventually the desire to gobble distance overcame the lack of desire for riding in the rain. Setting out, the rain had lightened, at least for a bit. With the bike rolling at a fairly constant speed, I eventually caught the beginning of the front, and went through some lightening and thunder. This happened a couple of times, as did the heavier portions of the downpour. With each break in the moisture action, I scanned for rainbows, but alas, they were not evident. I eventually rode out of the rain and whatever parts of my person that were wet, dried off.

After a perfect weather day on Sunday (70's, sunny and dry), which I foolishly didn't ride in, I left for the final leg home. Another gorgeous morning, another afternoon rain event. Ride, rinse, repeat. Dry when I arrived home, I figured the lawn could use some of my attention. But when the sky went black, and the crackles and booms began, my plans changed.

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