Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today's sky report

Yesterday, the sky over looking the golf course (coincidentally called Overlook) was very gray. Occasional showers swept through, forcing us to stay in our carts and drink beer. Fortunately, no lightening was sighted, so we were able to stay out with nature, fending off bugs with our cigar smoke. I played my usual golf game, hitting just enough good shots to keep me coming back. The highlight of the day was near the end, when we began to play bumper cars with the golf carts. I'm thinking of starting a whole new racing series called NasCart - the carts would all be identical so it would be the driver's skill that would make the difference. Instead of a circle, we'd race across golf courses, plowing into ball washers and tearing across greens. The race would cover all 18 holes as many times as possible until the batteries ran out. Drinking would be required....

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