Friday, June 17, 2005

Today's sky report

This morning, the sky was woodgrained with knot-holes. That sounds interesting until you realize that the "sky" was actually the ceiling of my dentist's office. I've always enjoyed different shapes to stare at when people are working on me (dentist, giving blood), and this ceiling fits the bill. It would have been even better if he would open the curtains on the large skylights cut into the ceiling, but I guess when it's sunny, a gleam of light reflecting off a filling might temporarily blind him, throwing off his drilling and causing his customers great pain.
4 Speaking of lights, did you ever notice that all dentists use lights in the shape of an open mouth? Power of suggestion and all that.
4 Speaking of pain, there is no greater pain than climbing into your dentist's chair knowing you'll be there for a while and hearing on the office music, "And now, we will begin a commercial free hour of music here on WHOM". There isn't enough Novocaine in the world to have to listen to that ear syrup for an extended period of time. Even a Fallujah tune would be better.


Kreblog said...

I used to have a dental hygienist that had posters on the ceiling.

carpoolguy said...

Were they the ones with the drawings of the really large-eyed children holding a toothbrush?