Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Today's sky report

Last night as I was driving back to my swamp from playing basketball, I ended up on a ridge in Stratham where you could look to either side and get a bit of a view. Now mind you, a view in the Seacoast is not what I'd call spectacular - no mountains or valleys, just swamps and other ridges - but it got me to thinking. Our last house was on the side of a hill that looked across at another hill with a lake in the valley below. Especially in winter, we had some pretty nice views, and you'd look off to the distance to collect those views. Where I live now (the swamp) also has views, but they're close up, like the pond in front of my house or the row of trees ringing our yard. Your sightline is very short. Since I am an inveterate day dreamer who enjoys staring out the window while I dream, I think the shorter sightlines are affecting my day dreams. I now think about things like expanding the area around me, instead of traveling to and conquering foreign lands. I need to move back to the mountains.

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