Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today's sky report

The sky presented an interesting phenomena last night. The carpool was heading east as the sun descended behind us. There was a large amount of cloud cover due to the dismal and dreary morning rains which had not quite cleared out. Ahead of us, and slightly to the right, it looked like strands of an incompletely formed colorless rainbow, almost as if the sky and the earth were pulling apart and the strands were the connecting tissue being stretched apart.

Today it warmed up to 60+ degrees - spring may actually be coming, although the snow still lurks in areas that don't get full sun. And, of course, the piles of snow created by the snowblower still run multiple feet deep. You wonder if the snow will ever completely melt, even though intellectually you understand the inevitable marching of the seasons.

Ice out for the small pond by my house looks like it may not happen until 1/2 way through April. I wish I had logged the ice outs for the other 3 springs I have been in the house. I believe last year it was around the 20th of March, but my aging memory doesn't really know. And last year, there was no carpoolguy blog in which to document this annual event.

We actually listened to a fallujah list artist this morning because it was better than the inane chatter which populates commercial radio.

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