Thursday, December 21, 2006

Today's sky report

It’s a darn shame that New Hamshire Blogging found my site. Not because I’m afraid of recognition or that someone is actually reading my blog, but because she makes me feel guilty for not blogging more over the last few months. Thank you for the kind review, NHB (read it here). While a lot of us write for ourselves or a small audience, it always feels good to know you are noticed.


Kreblog said...

Funny, I always thought you wrote to get discovered and go on TV.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice that New Hampshire doesn't produce many TV stars. I think we are overdue.


carpoolguy said...

Janice - have we forgotten Uncle Gus already? For those of you under 100 years old, we have Adam Sandler and Seth Meyers.

Janice said...

Uncle Gus? Hmmm I'm going to pretend I don't remember him lol