Monday, April 17, 2006

Today's sky report

In the carpool, there are certain bands that send our fingers to the radio dial, searching for relief.  I have previously written about these, calling them Fallujah bands:  One of these is Pearl Jam.  One of them is NOT U2.  This Saturday, Pearl Jam was on Saturday Night Live (yes, I still watch that show even when it's mediocre - you keep thinking maybe there will be that one break out skit that crumbles you with laughter - sometimes it happens but I'm usually asleep) and it got me thinking.  Why do we like U2 and despise Pearl Jam?  Both bands rock pretty hard.  Both bands emphasize multiple guitars with a good beat.  Both bands have unique lead singers.  Both bands have albums that define an era, albeit different ones (U2: Joshua Tree and Pearl Jam: 10). Both bands have relatively new songs that sound similar with their strong driving beats and agonized vocals (U2: "Vertigo" and Pearl Jam: "World Wide Suicide").  So why is the reflex still to reach for the volume for U2 and the presets for Pearl Jam?   Maybe it's time to give them another try, at least for the new stuff.

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