Monday, March 06, 2006

Today's sky report

Today's sky dawned red, as in Red Sky.  Several months ago, I sat through a conversation with Kreblog, Granite and some other bloggers about the cold war era movie, "Red Dawn".  Most of what I got out of the conversation was that if you go into the mountains to fight the Russians, you need to yell, "wolverines" when you kill one, or something like that.  So I needed to see this flick but until this past weekend, I hadn't noticed that it was playing on any of my channels.  I'm not currently hooked into Netflix and nobody actually gets in the car to go to the video store anymore, do they?  But this Sunday night, I saw that it was playing opposite the Oscars.  Sweet relief.

The movie has several logical holes in it, but you look past those (as you do in any good movie) so you can enjoy the plot and the characters.  There were parts of it that seemed a bit contrived, and some of it just didn't make sense, but I did enjoy it.  Especially when they yelled "wolverines".  I'm now in the Red Dawn club, at last. 

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Granite said...

It's perfectly logical for Colorado to be invaded by Russia and Cuba!