Monday, November 07, 2005

Today's sky report

I got hijacked by the weather this weekend. I'm not a big planner, but I usually start the weekend with an idea of things I want to do, and if the weather is at all cooperative, it often includes some kind of ride on my motorcycle. With a forecast of good weather on both Saturday and Sunday, I got the bikes ready for a possible Saturday ride, with Sunday as the fallback. Well, the fine day on Saturday saw me raking leaves and other sundry fall tasks, to the point where encroaching darkness caused me to come inside. About the only good thing with Daylight Savings time is that if your cocktail hour starts at or after dark, you get to drink earlier in the day.

No matter then, there would be Sunday for a ride. Except that the fog began to roll in on Saturday night and got progressively thicker and wetter. By Sunday, there was rain and motorcycle plans were out. The bikes got pushed back to their storage spots, waiting for another chance. The rain kept falling and by Sunday night it was rather heavy at times. And then, rarest of rare, we had a thunder and lightening storm in November. The fog, which was still around, glowed eerily as the lightening lit it up. Weird weather imitating weird science.

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