Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today's sky report

It was a pretty interesting carpool this morning as we had a copy of the Spin Magazine's readers poll with us. It had some serious Fallujah list impact (see For instance, the hotly debated Linkin Park was on the Worst Band list. So maybe they should be added to the Fallujah list (although since I'm controlling the list, they're still not on it). And if Modest Mouse makes the Best Breakout Act list as number one, should it still be on the list? I'm voting yes because they still sound kind of formalities and weeney. Finally, Franz Ferdinand, currently on the Fallujah list, shows up in the poll on the Best Single, Best Breakout Act and Best New Artist lists but also tops the Most Overrated Artist and Most Overplayed Song lists. Tie goes to the loser, they stay on the list.

If you read the above with any kind of concentration, you'll notice that the Fallujah list remains unchanged. Further carpool discussion shall ensue. Here's the list again:

Pearl Jam
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stone Temple Pilot
Alice in Chains
Smashing Pumpkins
Franz Ferdinand
Modest Mouse
Tegan and Sara

The sky is getting brighter in the mornings, to the point where my recently smashed Ray Bans are sorely missed.

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Kreblog said...

Don't forget Audioslave.